Napoleon Dynamite Could Strike Twice With Some Help From Flight of the Conchords


It’s a classic tale. When filmmaker JARED HESS debuted NAPOLEON DYNAMITE he shot from unknown to everyone’s favorite indie director in less time than it takes to sketch a liger.

But then came NACHO LIBRE, a film that left the vast majority of audiences over the age of seven nonplussed.

For his next feature, Hess is playing it low key as far as marketing goes; FOX SEARCHLIGHT has created a weird viral site for his upcoming comedy, GENTLEMEN BRONCOS, but they’re not promoting it. Consider this the anti-Libre.

Also promising is the fact the cast includes FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS‘ JERMAINE CLEMENT as a legendary fantasy novelist, JENNIFER COOLIDGE, and SAM ROCKWELL, whose name gives the project some indie street cred — the movies he’s in tend to be unique (CHOKE) if not really good (SNOW ANGELS).

Check out the latest in legendary fantasty author Dr. Ronald Chevalier’s “continuing effort to promote creative harmony and healthy literary ecosystems” here and let us know if you think this flick has potential.