Hulu’s Original Series Will Be Released Weekly


LOS ANGELES: At Hulu’s Television Critics Association panel, Hulu head of content Craig Erwich discussed the streaming site’s recent acquisitions as well as announced premiere dates for upcoming original series — and Hulu’s release plans.

In a move that can be seen as an attempt to further separate the site from Netflix, Craig Erwich revealed that Hulu’s original series will be released in a weekly format more reminiscent of television rather than all at once, such as Netflix and Amazon’s binge-release format that drops an entire season at once.

“We want to give viewers an opportunity to discover their favorite shows every week,” said Erwich as he discussed the “water cooler experience” approach to television viewing. This move also means that Hulu will be able to get shows out to the public faster instead of having to wait until the entire season is finished.

Hulu also announced premiere dates: The Hotwives of Last Vegas — August 18 The Mindy Project — September 15 Casual October 7 Rocketjump — October 21