John Oliver Exposes the Sad State of Sex Ed in the US — Counters with Video Starring Nick Offerman and Laverne Cox


John Oliver took aim at the archaic state of sex education in America on last night’s Last Week Tonight. In the deep dive analysis the show has become known for, Oliver focused most of his satiric ire at videos that educate students in an abstinence-only philosophy when it comes sex.

Currently, there are only 22 states that mandate students receive sex education, and of those, just 13 require that the information presented is medically accurate. However, the dismal state of sex ed in the US is only truly put into focus when Oliver highlights the disdain some educators use when referring to those who have already been sexually active. In video clips and testimonies non-virgins are likened to worn out shoes, used adhesive tape and chewed-up gum.

As a counter to the preachy sex ed videos used in schools, the segment ends with its own, no bullshit take on the genre, starring Laverne Cox, Nick Offerman and Jonathan Banks (who is making amends for appearing in a particularly bad 70s sex ed video).