Arby’s, Leaked Pilots and Gabriel Byrne: Links You Need to See


We are well beyond the innocent days of being surprised by content illegally leaking, though it still comes as a somewhat sad surprise when pilots of shows become readily available to the critical eyes of audiences months before they air. High definition versions of Fox’s eagerly awaited Minority Report, and NBC’s Blindspot and Lucifer, today joined the previously leaked Supergirl on bit torrent sites of ill-repute. For those who can wait, here’s the Minority Report trailer:

Moving on to film, you can’t help but feel that most recently, the types of roles Gabriel Byrne’s talents demand have eluded him. But in Joachim Trier’s new film Louder Than Bombs, Byrne looks to truly be given a platform to shine. He plays a father trying to build a relationship with two distant sons (the elder played by Jesse Eisenberg) after his wife (played by Isabelle Huppert) passes away. The film was acclaimed at Cannes and Trier has a deft hand in dealing with emotional juggernauts, proven by 2011’s excellent Oslo, August 31st. No US release date has been set, but you can watch the first teaser on IndieWire.

During his 16 year tenure on The Daily Show Jon Stewart threw many barbs at Arby’s (and rightfully so). To counter, Arby’s PR department has been on a mission to make the best of it, and to prove there’s truth in the maxim that any publicity is good publicity. After producing a full-on goodbye video, they’ve gone one further and named a sandwich after him (well, technically after the show); it’s called ‘The Daily Deli’ and it even comes with a promotional video, which you can watch at A.V. Club (hopefully as close as you will ever come to one). As Stewart might say himself; technically, it’s food.

True Detective’s Season 1 credits were a weekly dose of dark hypnotics, as some of the best TV intros tend to be. Whatever you may think of the plot, the intro (in both seasons) does an excellent job easing you into the show’s moody world. With that, take a look at the Star Wars-True Detective mashup, which sees Star Wars characters and imagery phantasmagorically overlapping to “Far From Any Road.

Anthony H. Wilson died eight years ago today. He was known as Mr. Manchester and was the charismatic founder of Factory Records, which included Joy Division among its acts. Now, a charity single and accompanying video is being released to commemorate Wilson; it features many recognizable faces, including Iggy Pop, Steve Coogan (who played Wilson excellently in 24 Hour Party People) and Bernard Sumner. The lyrics were written by poet Mike Garry and are spoken over a remixed version of New Order’s “Your Silent Face.”