Lana Del Rey Shares “Andrews Sisters Meets Ludacris” Track “High By the Beach”


Lana Del Rey stopped by Beats 1 radio to talk with Zane Lowe and share her new track, “High By the Beach,” off her upcoming LP, Honeymoon — set for release only a year after her immensely acclaimed album, Ultraviolence.

In introducing the song, Lowe said it’s “instantly one of the catchiest songs [he’s] heard in recent memory.” Indeed, with its deliberately droning chorus repeating “All I want to do is get high by the beach/get high by the beach/get high,” it’s pretty impossible not to commit it to memory. Lowe notes that the album sees Del Rey reviving her hip hop influences and Del Rey describes the song in particular as having an Andrews Sisters vibe (it is, indeed, an interesting amalgam of the two very disparate styles). She said, “It was a six part harmony — even with the harmonies it sounded monotone, it had a drone to it, to which Lowe responded, “It’s like Andrews Sisters meeting Ludacris.”

Del Rey also shared the track during a session with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 — listen to it below: