Christopher Guest’s Next Film Is a Mockumentary for Netflix About a Mascot Competition


Christopher Guest is the newest addition to Netflix’s growing clique of impressive filmmakers (…and Adam Sandler). The director of Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and A Mighty Wind and writer/star of This Is Spinal Tap now has a deal with the streaming service for a film about a mascot competition.

The film itself is called Mascots, and what’s known about its plot happens to be contained within this promotional announcement:

Most recently, Guest created the HBO show Family Tree, which was cancelled after one season, and though it was a documentary-style show, it diverged from Guest’s usual format of centering the films around an anticipated, somewhat strange organized event. Before that, he’d made For Your Consideration, which was an ensemble comedy, but dropped the mockumentary format — this, likewise, hadn’t been as well received as his earlier works. So hopefully Netflix will be the perfect, regenerative place, where he can let loose with absurd character-driven pseudo-reality. If the above description is any indication, he seems to be off to an excellent start.

The film is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix, sometime in 2016.