Christopher Nolan Pays Tribute to the Quay Brothers: Links You Need To See


As IndieWire reports, Christopher Nolan has curated a selection of films from stop-motion specialists the Quay Brothers that will tour the country. The program is called The Quay Brothers in 35mm, and alongside showcasing Quay Brothers’ films, it will include a new Nolan short entitled Quay, a behind-the-scenes look at the Brothers work. The tour starts at New York’s Film Forum on August 19th. Watch the creepy trailer for the project on Entertainment Weekly.

/Film reports that sci-fi/video game author Ernest Cline has signed a seven-figure deal with Penguin for his next book. Cline’s first novel Ready Player One is already being made into a major feature with Steve Spielberg directing (and with a possible appearance from Gene Wilder). And the film rights to his second book Armada (only published last month) have already been bought — also for seven figures. Both books examine a world were video games and reality collide.

Literary feuds aren’t like normal ones; often there’s no clear ��he cut me off in the parking lot”-like instigating moment, and that’s the case between David Foster Wallace and Brett Easton Ellis. It seems the bad blood between these two can only be traced as far as some vague, trivial jealousy and lack of acknowledgment. Ellis has been more vocal on the issue (naturally, and somewhat unnervingly, given that Foster Wallace died in 2008); he went on an ill-judged Twitter rant against the deceased author in 2012. After that, you’d think he would let the matter rest, but no, the release of The End of The Tour — which chronicles Wallace during the Infinite Jest promotional tour — has given Ellis another excuse to sharpen his knife. In a review of the film for The Talk House, Ellis opens by dissing Infinite Jest, calling Wallace’s journalism “bloated” and “condescending”, and saying that his Kenyon commencement speech was “pure BS.”

Watching Ant-Man, many were struck by the thought “What would this be like if Werner Herzog was the director?” Okay, so maybe very few were struck by that thought, but if you were one of those few you can have your curiosity answered thanks to YouTuber Patrick Willems. The Mary Sue has shared his video of how a Herzog Ant-Man might have looked. It gets extra credit for imitating Herzog’s idiosyncratic ability to make the mundane sound utterly amazing.