Spoon’s Transference and the Best in Fine Album Artwork


Further fanning the flames of anticipation surrounding their recently-bumped-up forthcoming album, Spoon has released the cover art for Transference, which is due out January 19, 2010 in the US. Finally. The photograph itself is one from 1970 taken in Mississippi by renowned photographer William Eggleston, a photographer accustomed to having his work featured on an album cover or two. It was originally published in Eggleston’s Guide back in 1976.

It’s lovely and it makes us a bit nostalgic for other great album art that came out of the gallery world as opposed to a record company’s art department.

Below check out seven additional “fine art” covers we think every arty music lover should have in their collection.

1. The Velvet Underground’s The Velvet Underground & Nico, is one of the many album covers designed by Andy Warhol. He also did work for the Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, the Smiths, and Aretha Franklin.

2. Duran Duran’s Rio cover was done by iconic ’80s painter — and frequent Playboy contributor — Patrick Nagle

3. The Hours’ See The Light was designed by creative director for all creative projects surrounding the album, Damien Hirst.

4. Sonic Youth’s Sonic Nurse was taken from Richard Prince’s Sonic Nurse series. The group’s albums have also featured work by big names like Mike Kelley and Gerhard Richter.

5. Patti Smith was photographed for Horses by her best friend Robert Mapplethorpe.

6. This Robert Rauschenberg design for the Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues won a Grammy.

7. Sigur Rós used an image from longtime friend Ryan McGinley’s for their fifth album, með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust.