Thom Yorke Is Composing the Music for the Clive Owen-Starring Broadway Production of ‘Old Times’


Harold Pinter’s Old Times, which is being revived on Broadway this Fall, is known for its ambiguity and possible life/death liminality. The vague and ghostly (both literally and atmospherically) work sees a married couple in their farmhouse visited by the wife’s friend and former roommate from 20 years earlier, and after she tells the story of a random, incessantly sobbing man in their old room, the venom and possible violence underlying their “friendship” starts to show itself. In other words, it seems to be begging to be scored by Thom Yorke-esque wailing or the chilling alienness of his compositions. And luckily, Variety reports that this upcoming Broadway production of the play will, indeed, be scored by the Radiohead frontman.

Yorke’s score, Variety notes, will likely be heard before the production and set to specified parts of scenes. (The play is very much not a musical, so — unless this is a wildly loose interpretation — no one’s going to suddenly start belting “Lotus Flower“).

The production, which will begin Roundabout’s Broadway 2015-2016 season, is being directed by Douglas Hodge, an actor known for his work in Pinter plays, and who won a Tony for his acting in La Cage Aux Folles. It will be Clive Owen’s Broadway debut, seeing The Knick‘s star playing the role of Deeley, the husband character who’s embroiled — far more than he’s first aware — in the conflict between his wife and her old, “only” friend.

The production’s previews start September 17, and it opens on October 6 at the American Airlines Theater.