The Most Hilarious Moments of ‘Review’ Season 2 So Far, in .GIF Form [Sponsored]


Last week, we deemed Comedy Central’s Review “a beacon of comedic post-meta analysis for an absurdist age.” And we can think of no better recap vehicle for said absurdist age than the animated .GIF. So, please enjoy our favorite moments of Season 2 thus far, in .GIF form. Follow Andy Daly’s hapless — if earnest — “life reviewer” Forrest MacNeil as he escalates from awkward conversation to felony and beyond. Caution: The final .GIFs contain some spoilers for tonight’s episode. But we’re leaving them entirely out of context, so good luck figuring out whether they pertain to “Sleeping With Your Teacher,” “Being Falsely Accused,” or “Being a Little Person.” If there’s one thing we can say for Forrest’s reviews, it’s that they’re entirely unpredictable. Tune in to Comedy Central tonight and every Thursday at 10/9c, or anytime on the CC app to catch Review.

A consideration that must elude many first-time punchers.

We’re pretty sure this after-effect eludes plenty of first-timers as well.

Glory holes: accurately named.

Male-to-male lap sitting: pretty sure this is a Republican “cure” for homosexuality.

Forrest manages to make the already decidedly un-sexy Mile High Club even more awkward.

But we’re pretty sure it was even grosser for everyone else on the plane.

Turns out Forrest makes the same cry face post-coitus and post-pancake.

Another satisfied customer.

Hello. Yes, this is Forrest.

Forrest must have a Comedy Central expense account for lunches as big as this one.

Catch Review on Comedy Central every Thursday at 10/9c, or anytime on the CC app.

Animated .gifs created by Andy Phillips.