Paparazzi, Beware: Lana Del Rey Will Blow Up Your Helicopters


For much of Lana Del Rey’s “High By the Beach” video, the singer floats in her trademark daze around a beachside mansion, flopping onto assorted pieces of furniture and nearing windows and doorways through which breezes can make her robe moodily billow.

It starts to seem like it’s going nowhere except the Instaglamorized world in which the singer thrives so splendidly. Oh but then. Following a smattering of shots of a paparazzi helicopter floating around, she runs out to a balcony to confront it — perhaps even flip it the old bird — or perhaps, oh yes, even pull out an H.R. Giger-ish gun and blow it up.


“High By the Beach” will appear on Del Rey’s upcoming LP, Honeymoon, which is set for release in September.