‘Star Wars’ Has an Official Makeup Line: Links You Need to See


Easy, breezy, beautiful… android? iO9 reports that the Star Wars franchise has entered a whole new realm of merchandising by partnering with CoverGirl cosmetics. The full campaign won’t be revealed until Allure rolls it out, but the line includes lipstick, nail glosses, and mascara with quotes from The Force Awakens on the tubes to drive speculation even higher. Props to Star Wars for marketing outside the stereotypical geek demographic, though.

It’s Mad Max. It’s Adventure Time. It’s…Madventure Time? This incredible mashup animation has been floating around the Internet for the last few days, starring Finn as Max, Jake as his car, and the Ice King as Immortan Joe. The combination may seem odd, but given that Adventure Time is New Yorker-approved, there may be more overlap between adult stoners and cinephiles than one might think.

Speaking of mashups, someone’s already taken the two minutes of footage from the just-released Hateful Eight trailer and put them together with John Carpenter’s The Thing! The pairing, courtesy of Garrison Dean, works surprisingly well—and not just because both movies involve lots of snow. Now we really want to see a sequel called The Thing Rides West (and The Hateful Eight itself, of course.)

In an interview with Indiewire, actor/filmmaker/wunderkind Xavier Dolan sounds off on the long-delayed release of his latest feature Tom at the Farm. Based on a play by Michel Marc Bouchard, Tom is Dolan’s first adapted screenplay. Dolan makes a few provocative statements in the interview—he identifies first as an actor, not a director, and he calls adapted films “so much easier”—but the exchange is worth reading in full.

Guess how long a supercut of every explosion in every Arnold Schwarzenegger turns out to be? A mere half-hour plus! We know this because the former governator has spliced every shot of things blowing up from his entire, extensive acting career into this clip…for charity! Watch and then donate to Ahnold’s nonprofit of choice, After School All Stars, here—donors enter for a chance to hang out with the star and a team of pyrotechnicians so they can (safely) blow shit up (in a controlled environment!