Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen Dub Seth Meyers’ Guests With Australian Accents


Kristen Wiig stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers in the midst of Ghostbusters hype, and ended up mostly discussing matters that have already been discussed — by other people. Meyers asked Kristen Wiig to talk a little bit about her voiceover work, and she began to describe her side-career as a dubbing artist — doing the voiceovers for the releases of television shows in other countries.

Late Night, she claims, is one such program. As an example, Seth plays a clip — and she begins dubbing it… in English. The whole sketch escalates in absurdity, with Meyers playing an interview between him and Helen Mirren; Fred Armisen chimes in to dub over Mirren’s speech. Wiig finally acknowledges that this is in English — but says they have toyed around with other languages, for Australian television, for example; they then proceed to dub an interview with Shaquille O’Neal into “Australian.”


Via Rolling Stone.