Today’s Bit of Disgusting: Ariana Grande’s Popularity Has Plummeted Almost as Much as Bill Cosby’s


Q Scores polls the American population to determine the popularity of certain things and people/no-longer people (there’s a “dead celebrity” popularity Q). Today, some interesting statistics surfaced among the living celebrities, with The Hollywood Reporter publishing a detailed rundown of the scores — based on how drastically percentages of unpopularity jumped for each celeb between 2013 and 2015 — and the scandals/critiques that may have led to their plummeting statuses, and Vulture noting a particularly nauseating juxtaposition among the ratings: the placement of Ariana Grande just above Bill Cosby in terms of how much their likability fell.

Yes. A man accused with what’s starting to seem like more and more sexual assaults weekly (3 more women just came forth, each with their own story of sexual assault by the comedian) was closely followed — in America’s growing enmity toward them — by Ariana Grande, who once licked a donut in a moment of seeming pseudo-rebellion and jocular un-patriotism. And who apologized for it. Twice. Said she was “disappointed” and “disgusted” in herself.

Yes, she admitted to licking the donut and thereby licking America, was contrite for licking the donut and thereby licking America, and yet here she is, just below Cosby as the celebrity who, according to the polls, experienced the second highest drop in popularity (it’s at least refreshing that Cosby was the 1st).

It’s funny — no, just gross — how hasty the country is to dislike a woman for opining negatively about America and harming a DONUT when it took 10 years, yes 10 years, and now nearly 50 accusations, for the country to start truly disliking Cosby after Andrea Constand’s initial allegations against him. Oh, and by the way, Grande was more disliked than Adrian Peterson, the running back accused with child abuse. Donut. Child. Donut. Child. Come on.