Fun and Stylish Temporary Tattoos You Might Actually Wear


Pardon us for getting all Coachella on you for a moment, but one fun thing to come out of the whole scene has been some pretty stylish temporary tattoo trends. After spotting a few clever pop culture homages and other designs we’d actually wear, we rounded up a few favorites. We have our fair share of ink around here, but these are a nice alternative for anyone seeking a quick fix or wanting to try out a new design before fully committing. Would you wear these?

Vintage flowers. $12

Metallic and geometric. $22

Butterflies and birds that look like watercolors. $5 & $6

Moon phases. $7

Feathered friends. $7

Temp tattoos by designers like Tyler Spangler. $5

You’re a hot slice. $5

Tiny dots fron Nars. $35

Metallic cuffs for that boho/Wonder Woman thing you’re trying to perfect. $22

For your inner Leeloo Dallas.

If you want to participate in Project Semicolon. $4

The classiest Harry Potter tats around.

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me‘s Lil would approve. $4