Designs That Bring the Outdoors Indoors


Maybe it’s the soon-to-be passing of summer and the chilly fall ahead that has inspired our increasing attention to nature-inspired designs. Whatever the reason, we’ve recently fallen in love with several beautifully designed objects that were created to invite the outdoors, indoors. Here are just a few designs that bring blooms, mountains, and other natural formations to the home.

Designer Kristine Five Melvær created this gorgeous set of table lamps called Bloom, which look like budding fruits or flowers.

Italian studio Formafantasma transformed volcanic rock (referencing Sicily’s volcanoes) into various furniture pieces, including this table.

Living stone pillows, designed after real rocks in nature, are dyed true to color and stuffed with soft EPE cotton.

A 3D-printed “Soft Seat” created by design student Lilian van Daal, made to “replicate the way nature gives different properties to different objects by simply modifying their structure.” We appreciate its resemblance to a beehive.

“The nest of a bird is an inventive piece of natural architecture. As a designer, who works a lot with natural material, I was always fascinated by these natural structures. The Eyrie Bench is an ode to these natural constructions,” says Dutch designer Floris Wubben of her sculptural seating.

Coral branches that light up your room, from Italian design company Pallucco.

Curvy vessels that inspire a dialogue with nature and history from Turi Heisselberg Pedersen.

Branch-like porcelain vases by Ted Muehlings.

Gaetano Pesce believes “modernism is less a style than a method for interpreting the present and hinting at the future in which individuality is preserved and celebrated.” His sofa, called Montanara, features a digitally printed mountainscape that feels familiar, yet belongs to another world.

From MU: “Starfruit is hand cast in concrete, molded from an original sculpture by Janny Baek. Lightly polished and sealed with beeswax, finished with touches of high gloss enamel paint.”