Willow Smith Releases New Age-Saturated Song/Video, “Wit a Indigo”


Willow Smith and her collective, DIASPORA, have released a new video, for the track “Wit A Indigo,” which sees Smith and friends performing the song whilst…indigo. The track is produced by Sol Prophet; it features a long interlude by rapper Tyler Cole. And perhaps most unsurprisingly, the song espouses a lot of the intriguing ideas Smith and her brother are noted for discussing in interviews/on Twitter.

The song’s name refers to indigo children, a concept first brought up by Nancy Ann Tappe in the 70s, as an aura-based definition of children with unconventional personalities — according to the New York Times‘ description, “high I.Q., acute intuition, self-confidence, resistance to authority and disruptive tendencies, which are often diagnosed as attention-deficit disorder, known as A.D.D., or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D.” — who may not fit in so well with other children. Within this particular New Age school of thought, they’re thought of as a matter of human evolution. One self-proclaimed indigo child interviewed in the Times article said they’re here to “To help the world come together again.”

And so, Smith’s song repeats “You don’t want to mess with an indigo like that,” referring to people who judge with their “scrunched up nose[s]” at, say, an indigo’s “good vibes generators” or their “spheres going lightyears taking them to interventional space.” But whether or not you can relate, and whether or not your own spheres are going lightyears and are or aren’t taking you to interventional space, this song is damn catchy.