Cobain, Bukowski, and Crowdfunding a Real Minas Tirith: Links You Need to See


An alternative theatrical version of the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck has done the rounds in some theaters outside of its airing on HBO, and it notably includes an unreleased Cobain song playing over the credits. That bit of the film is now on YouTube for your viewing/listening pleasure. The recording is lo-fi, and is more Cobain messing around than anything resembling a completed song. It’s likely to appear on the soundtrack of the film, to be released on November 6th, which promises to include a bounty of unreleased material.

For a writer who took so long to be discovered, the posthumous output of Charles Bukowski has done a good job of making up for lost time. The output only grows, with a new collection of poetry or a re-issued book seeming to come every year. There’s also been the Matt Dillon film Factotum and a new one simply titled, Bukowski, which James Franco’s working on. This summer’s book was: Bukowski: On Writing. Abel Debritto, who edited the book, recently wrote about his experience researching new material and putting the book together for LitHub. This is also as good an excuse as ever to re-watch Barbet Schroeder’s brilliant Bukowski Tapes on YouTube, or some of the great animated takes on his poems.

Discussing the new live-action Jungle Book, Sean Bailey called it “one of the most technically advanced movies ever made.” But he would say that — being the president of production for Disney and all. Bailey was speaking at the D23 Expo on Saturday in California, where the first footage of the film wowed fans. All you need to know for now is that Bill Murray voices Baloo — so, we’re there. The first poster of the film likewise released; also announced at the expo were Pixar’s Day of the Dead film, Coco, and the production of Gigantic — a Jack and the Beanstalk-inspired film that sees the protagonist discovering a whole new world. On a similar note, Middle Earth is a fantasy world no one thought they’d be able to simply happen upon, but that might (partially) change with a new crowd funding effort to build a real-life Minas Tirith… though it’s perhaps not the likeliest goal to achieve, given that the team behind the project is hoping to raise approximately $2.9 billion for it.