Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris Offer Up a Feast of Twitter Beef Re: Taylor Swift’s Streaming Ideals


Ah, beef. These days, the preparation method of choice is for it to cook and cook until it appears ready to be voraciously consumed on Twitter. Taylor Swift alone has built up — sometimes as her own doing, sometimes, as in today’s case, passively, sometimes pettily, sometimes progressively — quite an impressive menu of different beefs over the last few months.There’s Taylor Swift v. Nicki Minaj. Taylor Swift v. Spotify. Taylor Swift’s anti-beef with Apple Music, post-initial beef. Then, recently, Zayn Malik retweeting a user’s comment about Taylor Swift and streaming. And Taylor Swift retweeting other artists defending her against Zayn Malik‘s retweet. And finally, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend — Scottish singer Calvin Harris — defending Taylor Swift against Zayn Malik’s retweet. These last beefs are the beefs of the moment. And since such beef can become a repetitive item, no matter what the variation of the beef, it is depicted above as shirtless beef. It has not been revealed, however, whether or not the participants were shirtless whilst tweeting their beef. Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the ingredients that went into the beef:

Initially, Zayn Malik had retweeted a post contrasting Miley Cyrus’ anything goes, free love approach to people listening to her music to Taylor Swift’s stringent policy about artists getting paid. He’s since removed the retweet, but not quickly enough for Calvin Harris not to see and respond to it.

Harris Tweeted, “You’ve made your money? Cool…Fuck the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive, right? Yeah fuck em,” followed by, “If you don’t get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry…”


Then this happened:

Then this!

Then this, too!

But did Harris “calm [his] knickers before them dentures [fell] out?” Seemingly, yes:

Either way, it didn’t stop Malik from calling Harris a “dickhead,” whose knickers hypocritically never quite seemed to calm:

Via Vulture.