Ryan Adams Shares Melancholy Clip of “Blank Space” Cover


Ryan Adams was a Taylor Swift megafan long before the release of her super-chart topping album 1989, and today he’s shared extended versions of his previously-anounced Swift covers. Speaking last year to American Songwriter, he’d said:

“Taylor Swift is one of the most fucking amazing writers I’ve ever seen, I’ve sat in this room with her before and heard a song she was constructing on the spot and it was unbelievable. It was pure alchemy.”

Even with that type of adulation, it came as a bit of shock when Adams declared early this year that he was going to record covers of all of Swift’s 1989. Adams is known for his quirky sense of humor and divergent genre tastes (In 2010 he released a metal album, Orion, through his website). So even with the release of little bits of tracks, it was hard to tell if he was completely serious about the Swift homage, but last night he provided confirmation, tweeting that the whole record has a complete rough mix and sharing (excellent) clips of Blank Space (which is particularly melancholy here) and Style. There are no details yet about when or how or even if it will be released.

Listen to the clips of Blank Space and Style: