Watch Peaches and Kim Gordon Deal Out the Smackdowns in “Close Up” Video


Peaches and Kim Gordon always sounded like a dream combination on record, and given their backgrounds in visual arts, who really doubted that they’d come up with a cracking video for their collaboration?

So it has transpired — the video for “Close Up”, which was just released on YouTube, is ace. It’s directed by Vice Cooler (formerly of Hawnay Troof, and most recently sighted directing EMA’s excellent “So Blonde” video), and depicts Gordon as a fur coat-wearing, vape-toting wrestling coach, with Peaches as her newest charge. Peaches enjoys an initial flush of success (perhaps attributable to Kim’s, um, unconventional training methods, which most notably involve using a side of meat as a punching bag), but after a series of matches against various luchadores, she’s eventually vanquished by a terrifying giantess in a red leotard. And, because this is Peaches, there’s squirting breast milk and our heroine making out with a blue-haired competitor. Huzzah!