Bikini Kill to Reissue Debut Record With Three Previously Unreleased Tracks


Influential punk band Bikini Kill have reissued their debut album Revolution Girl Style Now!, featuring three previously unreleased tracks. One of the songs, “Playground,” is available to stream on Rolling Stone. It sounds very much of Bikini Kill’s time (early ’90’s) and place (Pacific North-West). When Rolling Stone noted the “grungey vibe” in an interview with lead singer Kathleen Hanna and bassist Kathi Wilcox, the latter elaborated, saying, “We were definitely listening to the bands that were happening then. I’m sure we were internalizing that to some degree.” The reissue is available to pre-order now in all formats with some snazzy artwork.

Wilcox and Hanna revealed the three new songs would have been mixed and released before now, if there’d been more space for them to be have appeared on the original album. “We just picked the songs that fit on the cassette,” said Wilcox. (Presumably, millennials everywhere are scratching their heads reading that).

Wilcox and Hanna are now in the band Julie Ruin. They are currently recording the follow up to their debut, 2012’s Run Fast.

The reissue is out September 22.