Trevor Noah Calls on Kanye’s “Power” in First Trailer for New ‘Daily Show’


As the ceaseless, loving media coverage of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show‘s final episodes revealed, the swiveling chair behind that famous desk on that famous set is an immense American power symbol — a veritable late night throne. And who knows contemporary thrones better than Kanye West — he who has declared himself so many kinds of almighty, he who collaborated on the album, Watch the Throne? And so, it makes a lot of sense that in his first trailer for his upcoming, retrofitted The Daily Show, Trevor Noah would call on a Kanye song to “Power” a commanding presence.

The first trailer sees Noah cracking his knuckles, adjusting his suit and approaching the desk/chair with a sense of imposing confidence, all set to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track, “Power.” But the trailer shifts direction once Noah gets to the chair, focusing in uncomfortable slow-motion on the way his butt lands in it, with text that reads, “Same show, different ass.”