King Arthur Raves in New Order’s “Restless” Video: Links You Need to See


Seeing as their fans have waited 10 years for it to arrive, “Restless” is a more than apt title for New Order’s newest single. Today, they released the video for the track (an audio-only version appeared late last month), which you can watch on The Quietus. The video is produced by Spanish company NYSU and involves the coronation of a rave king… Arthur. Seriously. (Also, is that opening image a Jon Snow reference?) The sound is quintessential New Order — driving drums, moody synths, and lazy Bernard Sumner vocals, asking “How much do we need? How much? How much?” You barely even notice that inimitable founding member, Hooky, is missing.

The Paris Review’sMy First Time” is an insightful video series in which writers expand on their earlier authorial experiences — what first drove their writing, and how they thereafter got their big breaks. The fifth installment was shared today and features the polarizing Taipei author, Tao Lin; tomorrow, they’ll be featuring Sheila Heti.

So, have we all agreed that True Detective Season 2 wasn’t all that great, and we’re now free to move? Good. But just before you forget about it (until news of Season 3 casting comes) let’s not forget that good things can come from even the worst, most self-serious tough-talking-alcoholic-detective dramas. This is proven by YouTuber Dan Goodman, who hasrecut True Detective as a sitcom called Velcoro & Sons — to hilarious results.

Fresh from the David Foster Wallace film The End of the Tour,directorJames Ponsoldt is adapting Dave Eggers “tech” novel, The Circle, and IndieWire reports that soon-to-be Star Wars star, John Boyega will play the lead role of Ty. Also confirmed to star is Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. What hasn’t been confirmed is which American author named Dave James Ponsoldt will choose to focus on next.

Vulture posted the first image of Chris Hemsworth from the Ghostbusters 3 set, and good news, he looks appropriately dorky. You never know, maybe he’ll set a trend for riding around in hi-viz onesies with crates full of junk on the back of one’s bike…