The ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Seems to REALLY Get Along: They’ve Given Each Other Tattoos


Either the members of the Suicide Squad cast are exceedingly devoted to one another or they’re exceedingly devoted to — i.e. willing to engage in permanently body modifying — ways of promoting their film.

Yesterday, they gave each other tattoos. As Entertainment Weekly notes, the Lord of the Rings cast likewise got matching tattoos together — but they went to professionals. The Suicide Squad cast, rather, trusted each other to allow their cast-mates to forever change them. It all started with a photo tweeted by director David Ayer of Margot Robbie in character as her tattoo-artist version of Harley Quinn, emblazoning the word “Skwad” on an arm (whose owner was undisclosed):

Robbie, meanwhile, shared this on Instagram:

Later, Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flagg) displayed a photo of Will Smith giving him his tattoo:

And Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) posted: