The Trump Troll Returns to ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ to Demonstrate His “Mexican Baby Catapult”


“Tonight: Mexicans,” announces Larry Wilmore on the 100th episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, before launching into a hilarious skewering of Donald Trump’s xenophobic new eight-page immigration plan. Willmore highlights how Trump’s plan calls for an end to birthright citizenship, then reveals a clip of Trump frantically trying to legitimize his plan to Chuck Todd in his private jet, saying, “We’ll keep the families together, but they have to go. They have to go.” Willmore then asks “what’s he going to do, catapult the children over the border?” And as though the word “border” were a Republican incantation, suddenly the Trump Troll (who’s made previous appearances on Wilmore’s Comedy Central show) appears to explain that yes, a catapult is exactly what he has in mind.

The Trump Troll has, it turns out, innovated a “Trump designed Mexican baby catapult,” which the troll explains as it jiggles menacingly and stupidly to the vibrations of the troll-icopter it’s dangling from. He has Wilmore try out his contraption using a miniature of a Mexican child and a LEGO border. Once Wilmore has committed the act of barbarism-in-plastic-miniature, the Trump Troll says, “Hey Larry, you just made America great again.”


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