‘Jagged Little Pill’ Gets 20th-Anniversary Reissue, Featuring Previously Unreleased Demos


It’s been 20 years since the release of Alanis Morrisette’s era-defining Jagged Little Pill , and it seems that with this anniversary, the craggy diminutive capsule is getting polished: Exclaim! reports it’s getting a collectors’ reissue, out on October 30.

The Collectors Edition will surely keep avid Alanis fans busy — it’s a four-disc set. Specifically, they’ll find themselves occupied by: a. a new master of Pill, b. a whole disc of unreleased 1994-1998 demos, c. a previously-issued acoustic version of Pill (it came out in honor of the album’s 10th anniversary), and d. an unheard recording of a 1995 concert. If that sounds like just a few too many Pills for one purchase, there’ll also be a Deluxe Edition, which only features the first two items.

Among the to-be-released demos is “The Bottom Line,” which was the first song Morissette recorded with Jagged Little Pill producer Glen Ballard, who said in a statement:

Twenty years has not diminished the energy and excitement we captured on these recordings from 1994. It’s been a joy to sit with these tracks after two decades and to find them in such good shape. The power of digital recording gives us this time machine and, although we are twenty years older, this music still sounds fresh!

And Morissette also released a statement, saying:

I’m super excited to share this music with a whole new generation of peeps, as well as people who have grown along with me over the last two decades. Thankfully, these songs have stood the test of time for me, and in their timelessness, I am thrilled to honour and reflect on them as well as the last twenty years of my life and career.

For those of you who simply can’t wait, here’s Morissette, as promised, sharing the album with a completely enthralled peep: