Seth Rogen to Write Comedy Pilot About Gaming and Potential Human Extinction for Hulu: Links You Need to See


According to UPROXX, Hulu just signed a deal for a comedy pilot from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The pilot, which the duo will write and direct, follows “a janitor by day, world-ranked gamer by night, who is tasked with preventing the extinction of humans after mysterious visitors from the future declare him to be the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.” For more realistic absurdity, look no further than the trailer for Families on IndieWire. The film premieres at TIFF in September, and is described as a “rollicking and romantic country-house farce.”

There are few families as compellingly dysfunctional as Six Feet Under‘s funeral home proprietors, the Fishers. Rolling Stone had actors Frances Conroy (Ruth), Peter Krause (Nate), Michael C. Hall (David), Freddy Rodríguez (Federico) and creator Alan Ball engage in an oral history of the show ten years after its finale. For anyone who still gets choked up recalling the Sia-scored culmination of the series’ years of rumination on finality, this will surely be a sweet, emotional read. The cast speaks just as highly of the experience of being on the show as audiences speak of watching it: Hall says of first reading the pilot, “Within a few pages, I recognized that it was as good as anything I had ever read as far as original work goes — not just for TV, but for any medium at that point.” Such sweeping praise is nice to hear when it’s been so long since we’ve heard from these actors about their beloved characters. Krause concludes on an equally sweet note, saying, “It was as real as the real world sometimes. I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m insane… I felt like I lived in that house. I felt like that green hearse was ours. I felt like I ran around that kitchen when I was a little kid. It ran that deep.” If you’re looking for something else to remind you of Six Feet Under, Wolfgang Stiller’s ghostly sculptures of heads carved into tree parts, featured on The Creators Project, could fit seamlessly into one of the series’ famously surrealist tangents.

Air New Zealand has made expensive, movie-themed in-flight safety videos in the past, and their new one is perhaps even more impressive a feat: they have a relatively new partnership with Sony Pictures, and thus through they’ve put together an elaborate, expensive looking Men In Black video (it does not feature Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, but it does feature Rip Torn and that pug — and so much dancing).