Stunning Astronomical Architecture and Celestial Structures


You can usually tell the tourists in any city by picking out the people who are always staring up. We give you permission to join them — but not to act like an out-of-towner. These celestial structures and works of astronomical architecture are totally worth gawking at — strained neck and all.

Seoul-based architecture studio Moon Hoon designed Two Moon — a two-building structure inspired by the film Two Moon Junction . Spheres, stars, and other planetary bodies are referenced.

Located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. From the architect:

The Lantern Festival is the last of the series of spring festivals that celebrate the Chinese New Year (Feb. 9 ~24, 2013). During this time, people come together to offer good wishes and pray for more blessings in the coming year. In this spirit, the main lantern for this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival, is aptly themed the “Ring of Celestial Bliss”. Its concept, based on the Chinese saying of “Blessings as high as the sky”, is vividly conveyed in all aspects of the design.

OOPEAA architects designed a wood church in Finland that is fit for the heavens.

Barajas International Airport has a billowing roof and constellation-like ceiling.

Michael Maltzan architectural installation “aims to extend the experience of the gallery through the introduction of a new threshold, creating a space between two worlds, provoking interaction and a simultaneous experience for, and between, those who visit.”

The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in China is a massive lunar body sinking into the waterfront.

St. Joseph’s Church in Le Havre, France looks to the light.

Fort Bourtange in the Netherlands was built as a connecting road during the Eighty Years War and is now a village with its own historical museum. It’s basically an architectural crop (star) circle.

Architectural Association School of Architecture was home to this constellation of over 1,000 LED lights, playing off the architecture of the space.

From Luxury Estate: “The tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa ,and the huge shopping center Dubai Mall are respectively found in Dubai. The Crescent Moon Tower is the latest gem to add to Dubai’s collection of cutting-edge construction challenges, which via Transparence House will be presented in the 11th edition of ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award.”

A New Delhi observatory.