Watch Jon Stewart Host WWE’s ‘Summerslam’ and Hit John Cena With a Chair


Jon Stewart made his brief TV comeback in Brooklyn last night, hosting the live pay-per-view wrestling event Summerslam. “Let me tell you the difference between politics and what you’re going to see tonight,” said Stewart at the top of the show. “The WWE performers you see tonight respect their audience.”

Stewart introduced all the major WWE stars, and appeared in various backstage segments throughout the night. The main fight was between Seth Rollins and John Cena. Stewart interfered in the match, hitting Cena in the gut with a metal chair and giving Rollins victory. It was a dramatic change to Rollins and Stewart’s history as “rivals “as was seen in extreme last March on WWE’s Raw show, when Stewart only escaped Rollins’ fists by delivering a swift kick to the groin.

A petition on, calling for Stewart to host a presidential debate has garnered 288,990 signatures as of Monday afternoon. With the current field of candidates as dire as it is, there has never been a more apt time for the host of WWE’s soap opera sport to moderate a presidential debate.

Watch Jon Stewart at Summerslam: