Rayanne From ‘My So-Called Life’ Is a Countess Now


If you thought Claire Danes was My So-Called Life‘s most successful alum, well… you’re probably right. But! A.J. Langer, better known to teenage girls smoking cigarettes in the high-school bathroom as MSCL‘s Rayanne Graff, is now officially a countess.

As the UK Telegraph reports, following the death earlier this month of her father-in-law Hugh Courtenay, the 18th Earl of Devon, Langer now answers to the title of Countess of Devon. Though she obtained the courtesy title of “Lady” after marrying her husband, Charles Courtenay, in 2005, the actress and fibromyalgia activist’s royal status is now fully legit.

Langer made her small-screen name on Baywatch before taking on her archetype-defining MSCL role. While she’s been less prolific in the years since her marriage, Private Practice fans will remember her performance on that show, in 2011 and 2012, as a mother afflicted with a brain tumor. She and Courtenay are also the parents of a daughter, Joscelyn Skye, and a son, Jack Haydon Langer — or, as they kids are now known, Lady and Lord Courtenay.