Bryan Cranston and James Franco to Play Rivals in Upcoming Comedy, ‘Why Him?’


Variety reports that Bryan Cranston will star alongside James Franco in the new comedy Why Him?, penned and directed by I Love You, Man‘s John Hamburg.

Why Him? is the story of a Midwestern family’s visit to their daughter at college over the holidays. There, in a plot that sounds like a strange amalgam of Meet the Parents and 50 Shades, the father (presumably Cranston), instantly butts heads with her new boyfriend, a tech billionaire (presumably Franco). The project comes on the heels of the two actors having just worked together on In Dubious Battle, which Franco directed and also stars in, and which is due for release next year.

The next chance to see Cranston on the big screen will be in November in Trumbo, in which the actor portrays Dalton Trumbo, the legendary screenwriter who was blacklisted by The House Un-American Activities Committee.