Video of the Day: Wes Anderson 101


Earlier this year the Mueseum of Moving Image‘s website, Moving Image Source, published a five-part video series produced by Matt Zoller Seitz detailing Wes Anderson and his various stylistic contributions to film. Working under the thesis that Anderson is the most influential filmmaker of the post-Boomer generation, Seitz explores his pantheon of artistic heroes. As true fans already know, Anderson’s mentors aren’t limited to cinema, but rather, a host of creative mediums. Get schooled after the jump.

Part 1: Introduction, Melendez, Welles, Truffaut

Part 2: Scorsese, Lester, Nichols

Part 3: Hal Ashby

Part 4: J.D. Salinger

Part 5: The Prologue to the Royal Tenenbaums (Annotated)