Christopher Guest’s Netflix Film, ‘Mascots,’ Will Reunite Parker Posey, Jane Lynch and Jennifer Coolidge


According to The Hollywood Reporter, many of Christopher Guest’s veteran cast members are in negotiations to return for his Netflix feature film, Mascots.

One of the best things about Christopher Guest movies is his work with many of the same, chameleonic improvisers. Over the years, for example, Parker Posey has played a Dairy Queen worker with a penchant for musical theater, a terrifyingly preppy dog owner in search of a stuffed bee, and a Hollywood actress “playing lesbian.” Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge and John Michael Higgins have also been recurring members of Guest’s ensemble casts, and have gotten to enthrall audiences each time with their transformative hilarity. Meanwhile, Bob Balaban, whose hilarity comes rather from the fact that he’s exactly the same in every role, has seemingly appeared in every Guest project since Waiting for Guffman.

And all of these actors are among those who’ll likely be starring in Mascots, along with relative-Guest-newcomer, Chris O’Dowd. (He starred in the director’s cancelled HBO series, Family Tree). Unfortunately Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy — who’ve often served as the backbone of Guest’s films — probably won’t show up in the mockumentary, perhaps because they’re preoccupied with their frankly somewhat schitty series, Schitt’s Creek. Mascots, which is Guest’s first mockumentary film in 10 years, will start shooting in Los Angeles this November.