Adele Returns: Links You Need to See


After the four-year gap between now and 21, you may have found the lyrics “Never mind I’ll find someone like you” seeming like a necessary mantra as you desperately poured through the works of lesser, belting British pop musicians. You may be able to drop the embittered ex thing, though: she’ll reportedly be returning to you (and everyone else) via XL Recordings, with an album rumored to be called 25 (but let’s hope it’s not) in November. And it’s been three years since Grimes’ last LP, Visions, was released. In anticipation of her upcoming album, she did an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which, among other things, sees the artist vehemently disregarding her earlier work, including, yes, “Oblivion.”

Firstly, think before you share pictures of your food, because there’s a reason Facebook is not called GenericHalfEatenEggsBenedictWithForkCakedinHollandaisePictureThatYourFriendsResentButComment”Yummy”BecauseHumansForgivebook — and you know it. Secondly, if you’re traveling to Germany any time soon, think before you share pictures of your food, because, as Hyperallergic points out, it may actually be copyrighted. Also in Germany: a dorm that’ll make your former collegiate self — who had to live through years of cinderblock and fluorescent lighting at an exorbitant price — extremely envious.

And, not in Germany (in fact, in Afghanistan): the upcoming Bill Murray film, Rock the Kasbah. A new trailer for the movie, about “a has-been rock manager from Van Nuys, California [who] stumbles upon a once-in-a-lifetime voice in a remote Afghan cave,” was released today. Watch it on /Film. Also not in Germany: Macbeth. As we greatly look forward to Marion Cotillard’s turn as Lady Macbeth and Michael Fassbender’s depiction of the titular role, more and more promotional materials are being dropped. Today’s were two fittingly grave character posters of the two leads.