J-Law and Am-Schu Share the Stage at a Billy Joel Concert


We all first found out — not long ago at all — that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence had very quickly become besties and collaborator…sies. This likely created a common experience among the masses: both a surge of “that makes so much sense!” glee accompanied by a sinking feeling that, for the hopefully long duration of their friendship, we’d be subjected to constant reminders of how they’re having way more fun than us. And here’s one right now!

Lawrence and Schumer shared the stage at a concert last night, and shockingly, it was not part of Taylor Swift’s Celebrity Friend Tour. Rather, they came onstage at Billy Joel’s concert last night — not only onstage, but also on piano: the two danced barefoot atop the massive instrument to “Uptown Girls,” with Lawrence, at one point, kissing the bare feet belonging to Schumer. The comedian’s sister and writing partner, Kim Caramele, took this footage:

And here’s more (including the aforementioned foot instance):

And here’s the full experience, from afar:

And here they are, earlier in the day, rehearsing:

Yeah, they’re definitely having more fun.