John Oliver Wastes Everyone’s Time Announcing His New Book


Last night on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver made a big announcement: he revealed plans for his upcoming book, which will be published in 2016 by Simon and Schuster, titled Stranger Than Truth: John Oliver’s 101 Favorite History Lies.

The book is a collection of completely fabricated historical “facts,” like the “fact” that Catherine the Great’s death was actually far weirder and far more like a Broad City episode than even the traditional equine rumor would have you believe, or the “fact” that “Paul Revere spent most of his midnight ride sneezing and vomiting into the street” due to a severe horse allergy, or the “fact” that John Oliver is releasing a book about these “facts,” which, it turns out, isn’t really happening. “This entire video has been a total waste of everyone’s time,” he concludes.

So, if you want your time to be wasted by the most charmingly cranky commentator on TV, do watch this three minute video: