‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Gets Another Round of Terrifying Teasers


The stylized creepiness of American Horror Story returns this October on FX for its fifth season. This time the story centers on a hotel and its sadistic proprietor, played by Lady Gaga, and as a new series of teaser trailers (they’ve been releasing them in clusters all week, with an earlier trailer revealing the season’s faceless, metal-dildoed villain) reveals, the show certainly hasn’t lost its knack for horrifying advertising.

The new clips show a group of Children of the Corn-ish kids running up and down basement stairs, a terrified individual being cut out of a mattress with huge clippers and the deranged eyes of returning actor Evan Peters, staring out of a door’s peephole. A slowed down cover of Elvis’s Heartbreak Hotel plays over the action.

The show premieres on FX on October 7th. Hopefully after a dip in form during season four, the new season will rekindle some of the magic of earlier seasons.