‘Jane the Virgin’ Adds Kesha to Its List of Season 2 Guest Stars


Jane the Virgin recently courted Britney Spears to guest star in the show’s second season, playing a version of herself who’s also Rogelio de la Vega’s nemesis. Now, Entertainment Weekly has announced that the show’s added another pop star to its guest-starring cast: Kesha.

Kesha will get to stretch herself more than Britney as an actor, at least nominally: she won’t be playing herself, but rather Annabelle, Jane’s new next-door neighbor. Otherwise, it may not exactly be an unrecognizable transformation: Annabelle happens to be a “colorful musician.” The sparse description of her character also reveals that she’s not a “baby person.”

Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman said in a statement:

We are so thrilled Kesha will be appearing on Jane! We are all huge fans of hers, and we are so excited to welcome her to the Jane The Virgin family.

Meanwhile, Kesha is so stoked as to use TWO salsa dancing girl emojis (whose secret diary you can incidentally read here):