Simon Doonan’s Decorating the White House for the Holidays


This good news just in from The Caucus: “Simon Doonan, famous for creating naughty yuletide window displays of Margaret Thatcher (as a dowdy dominatrix) and Madonna (not the holy one), has a new stage on which to present his brand of mistletoe mischief: he is decorating the White House for Christmas.” Holy cow. We could not be more excited, and as an American, you should be too. Finally Obama has done something good for the gays, and while it might not be a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, we’ll take it.

Just imagine how distraught Governor Donald L. Carcieri of Rhode Island must be.

After the jump we’ve rounded up photos of the past five years of the creative director’s holiday windows for Barneys; this will give you a mere taste of the fabulosity that you (and the Obamas) can expect.

1. 2005 – Royalty themed

2. 2006 – Happy Andy Warhol-idays

3. 2007 – Eco-themed

4. 2008 – Peace & Love

5. 2009 – SNL-themed

Which one is your favorite?