The Real Donald Trump Will Appear on ‘The Tonight Show’: Links You Need To See


If you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon’s impeccable impersonation of Donald Trump, you should. Trump was announced today as an upcoming guest on The Tonight Show this September 11th. Meaning you’re going to have to concentrate really hard in order to decipher who’s who. (Meanwhile, Azealia Banks seems to suggest that Trump resembles another, er, figure.) We’re assuming, of course, that Fallon will impersonate Trump whilst interviewing him, because that would be amazing (unless, of course, Trump were to mistake it for flattery — which, knowing Trump, is quite possible).

Today, Esquire published their cover feature of Daniel Craig, which includes new details about the upcoming Bond film, Spectre. Also, the newest author to add to the James Bond canon, Anthony Horowitz, provoked outrage today with his baffling remarks about Idris Elba being “too ‘street'” to play the famous secret service agent. Though as backward as his sentiments seem, to an extent “backward” may be somewhat on-point for Bond: Paper Mag today delved deeper into the world of Bond and shed light on Bond’s “legacy of racism” — how this character has fetishized Britain’s colonial legacy and upheld a superiority complex. This is also too good an opportunity not to share a great scene from Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge. (Alan is the archetypal Bond fan.)

Sometimes it’s hard to think of Chelsea Manning still being imprisoned. It’s one of those aspects of life that we like to relegate to the backs of our minds, like Ashlee Simpson’s lip synch and neo-Irish dance on SNL that time. But the fact remains, that she is behind bars. Musicians Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst, design duo Metahaven and web-activist Jacob Appelbaum interviewed Manning for Paper Mag; the results, as you can imagine, make for a fascinating read.