Quiz: Can You Separate Real Headlines About Miss Piggy and Other Children’s Characters From Fake Ones?


Miss Piggy and Kermit’s breakup has been playing out in the media like it’s an actual story, not manufactured storytelling from an upcoming television show trying to reel in viewers. Now, as sad as some of us might be about the Muppet heartbreak, let us remember what our parents and caretakers once said to soothe us: It is only make-believe. Repeat: It’s only make-believe.

So, in the spirit of discerning the real from the imaginary, we created a quiz mixing up actual headlines we’ve seen about kiddie characters with imaginary stories about same. Can you tell them apart?

1. Exclusive: In Our Intimate Cover Interview, Barney the Dinosaur Reveal that He Loves You — And Himself

2. Why Are They Going to Make a Woman Out of Dora The Explorer?

3. Stop Trying to Label Bert and Ernie: Sexuality Is a Spectrum

4. Is Big Bird Genderfluid?

5. The Outing of Tinky Winky

6. Oscar’s No Grouch, He’s an Introvert; Five Things You Need to Know About This Surprisingly Common Personality Type

7. “My Little Pony Hates Men!”

8. Wilma Flintstone Speaks: Fred’s Not a Misogynist, He’s Just Misunderstood

9. What is marriage, anyway? Sesame Street’s Grover and a cute child explain.

10. SpongeBob Asexual, Not Gay: Creator

11. Pig in the middle: meet the new Muppet standing between Kermit and Miss Piggy

12. Opinion: Why Elsa Is Disney’s First Lesbian Princess

Scroll past the image for answers.


1. fake, 2. real 3. fake 4. fake 5. real 6. fake 7. real 8. fake 9. real 10. real 11. real 12. real