Bryan Cranston Is Lyndon B. Johnson… Again: Links You Need to See


New York’s Upper East Side is now home to an art exhibit whose main function is to convince people that there is a pool on the roof just above said exhibit. Titled Schrödinger’s Pool, the show by artist B. Thom Stevenson tantalizes gallery goers with the scent of chlorine, faint pool noises, a projection of placid pool water, and a wet bathing suit, to, as The Creators Project describes, question “the paradoxical state of something that cannot be seen.” If this has left you thirsting for more illusions, the first photos of Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B. Johnson in HBO’s adaptation of Robert Schenkkan’s play All the Way (in which Cranston…also played Lyndon B. Johnson) should do the trick.

And if you thought Bryan Cranston’s politician-painted face was menacing, just wait until you see Vincent Cassel as the childishly-face-painted “king” of a “hidden commune” in the trailer for Partisan. Within his small intentional community, he plays many roles — like teacher, for example. But from the trailer, you’ll soon see that what he’s teaching kids is how to be killers. The chilling film by by Ariel Kleiman will be released in theaters and on VOD on Oct. 24. Perhaps slightly less disturbing — insomuch as they’re predominantly in jest — are conspiracy theories about what’s happened to Frank Ocean. As The Verge explains, Ocean was allegedly going to release an album in July, 2015 — and it is very much not July anymore. The site notes, however, that across Twitter, people have some interesting ideas about his whereabouts.

Garbage announced that they’re releasing a 20th anniversary reissue of their self-titled debut album. There will be three editions, the most expensive of which comes with the original 12 tracks, as well as nine G-sides, 29 Remixes, and 12 Alternate Versions. In other re-release news — involving artists who are still recording but also make you long for a bygone era that is, in fact, not-so-long ago — Neko Case is issuing a “career-spanning” vinyl box set. It’s called Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule, and will see the remastering of 8 LPs. Case said of her 2-decade career, in a letter to fans accompanying the announcement, “This is a LONG story, which I will continue later, but for now, here are some images and music to take in and wonder about. I made all this for you and me.”