Have Stephen Colbert Direct You Through Traffic, Distract You While Driving on Waze


Do you find that the voice coming out of your GPS doesn’t feel… personable enough for you? Wouldn’t you prefer to have Stephen Colbert telling you to make a U-turn because you missed your exit? Of course you would. Colbert announced Tuesday that he’s recorded GPS directions for driving navigation app Waze.That’s right. He did it just for you.

OK, not really—and besides, Colbert’s presence on Waze will be limited. A promotion for his new gig taking over for Letterman on The Late Show, Colbert’s voiceover will be available on the app until September 22. In addition to sounding like an actual human being, Colbert’s directions include a little extra wit and the occasional snarky comment.

“Ugh, traffic,” Colbert declared when the app detects traffic ahead. “My least favorite kind of jam.”

Colbert isn’t the only celebrity temporarily “lending” his voice to Waze. If the comedian isn’t your cup of tea, promotional voiceovers from Neil Patrick Harris, New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski and Colonel Sanders are also available. (There’s also an option called “Boy Band,” which I’m afraid to try.)

Colbert will take The Late Show chair September 8. For now, here’s a video of Colbert, the person, and Colbert, the Waze-voice, taking a drive together.