Gucci Mane Wants You to Know His Autobiography is on The Way


By this time next year, Gucci Mane expects to put his autobiography in your hands.Gucci’s Twitter account revealed that a book about his life is “on the horizon” as part of a stream of very professional-sounding tweets Wednesday.

Clearly, Gucci’s time on LinkedIn has influenced his Twitter game. (Or, more likely, his publicist doesn’t care to maintain his account’s personal flavor.)

Despite the fact that he’s serving time for gun charges until 2017, Gucci has been keeping busy. As Complex points out, he released a new mixtape in July, has a movie coming out, and now there’s a book! Even though all these projects leave him little time for philosophy, the fight to keep the Gucci Mane name alive is still strong, and you have to give him (and his team) credit for that kind of work ethic.

There’s no word on a title, publisher or a specific release date for the book yet.