Daniel Radcliffe Creates ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ Ron Perlman Wants More ‘Hellboy’: Links You Need to See


Even though Steven Spielberg may claimthere will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the Western,” there are some who are not so willing to see specific superhero franchises dissolve. While explaining to Digital Spy that he needs a random billionaire to shell out around 100 million dollars and help him make Hellboy 3 —which no one is asking him to do, by the way— Ron Perlman declined to explain why he couldn’t go to a movie studio for the movie, because “it’ll make too many people uncomfortable.” So… take what you will from that.

In other superhero news, you probably already know that Fantastic Four didn’t do so well. It debuted with $26.2 million in the States, leading such outlets as The Guardian to say it was “the biggest Superhero disaster since Catwoman.” And though you may have thought you knew the reason for its failure, former Marvel Comics president and chairman Stan Lee may know something you don’t. He told Larry King that Fantastic Four failed because 20th Century Fox didn’t invite him to make a cameo (which has become a bit of a Marvel movie tradition).

No matter how bad Hellboy 3 could be (if it were to ever happen) or how bad Fantastic Four may have been, I think we can all agree it’s unlikely they’d be any match for the badness of organizing a “fight club” for babies, which seems to be what happened at a New Jersey daycare center. Thankfully, no children were actually injured, but the daycare workers instigating the fights may be facing jail time.

Speaking of the unsavory topic of young people and violence, Grand Theft Auto is the subject of The Gamechangers, a BBC TV movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. In the film, Radcliffe plays GTA creator Sam Houser. Harry Potter is peddling virtual sex and violence!? We. May. Be. Doomed. And yet, you know what? There’s still hope. Even the darkest things can become light, like Prince Joffrey, who’s transformed into a hero in this video parody.