Angelina Jolie Will Terrify You in This Unearthed Clip of an Early Acting Workshop


Even in the trailer for Girl Interrupted alone, Angelina Jolie stole the show with the memorable — if inaccurate — threat that she’d jam a pen in her neck and puncture her aorta. (Apart from Brittany Murphy’s rotisserie chicken addict character, does anyone really remember anything else from that movie?)

Just before Jolie won an Oscar for the film, at age 25, she was still taking acting classes. And one such acting class was unearthed yesterday by The Daily Mail — and displays the same compelling, over-the-top unpredictability that saw her skyrocketed to fame after Girl, Interrupted. With the shakiness of the video, Jolie’s performance, which begins with a deadened stare and the growling repetition of “I feel like I have no voice” and “I want to hurt you,” looks almost like a home video that’d play within a horror film (note how Jolie’s scene partner cowers in the corner…then note how you’re doing the same).


You’ll be able to see Jolie — who now goes by Jolie-Pitt — with Brad Pitt in the upcoming film By the Sea, which she also wrote and directed.

[Via Vulture]