Hillary Clinton Becomes The Latest Candidate to Have a Date With Late-Night TV


Hillary Clinton has thrown her hat into TV’s late night ring: NBC has announced that she will appear as Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show guest on September 16th. Clinton’s appearance represents a major coup for Fallon as the late night arena heats up, with Stephen Colbert beginning his stint as The Late Show host this week. The Clinton announcement comes on the heels of NBC revealing that Donald Trump will be Fallon’s guest this coming Friday, September 11th.

The return to TV comes after a long lull for Clinton (after she went on a plethora of shows last year to promote her book), and Fallon isn’t the only show she will grace. An interview with ABC’s David Muir will air tonight and on Thursday she’ll sit down with Ellen DeGeneres for her popular daytime show. Expect talk of Iran and how Clinton sends and receives her emails.

Tonight, Colbert gets to grill Jeb Bush in his inaugural Late Show, and it is strongly rumored that current vice president — and so far undeclared democratic presidential candidate — Joe Biden will be his guest later in the week. (Do we sense a live TV declaration in the works?)