Apple Announces the iPhone 6S, Terry Gilliam Says He’s Sorry “For Being Dead”: Links You Need to See


Surprise! There’s going to be an iPhone 6S! Apple had one of their big press shows today and announced that new phones will be hitting stores September 25. According to The Verge, it will mostly be a newer, better iPhone, but it will feature something called 3D touch, which will allow you to pull up different menus with a “long press.” There will also be a new gigantic 12-inch iPad, which, when paired with a magnetic keyboard, makes it essentially a laptop.

Also in giant business news, 21st Century Fox announced plans to buy National Geographic and all of its related products from its longtime parent non-profit company, The National Geographic Society. According to Buzzfeed, both companies will have a stake in the brand, but Fox will be the senior partner, owning more than 70 percent of the company.

Over the weekend Variety reported that director Terry Gilliam had died… Oops! Though the story was quickly taken down, news of the false report eventually reached Mr. Gilliam, who decided to confirm his own demise via Facebook. “I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING DEAD,” Gilliam said, “especially to those who have already bought tickets to the upcoming talks, but, Variety has announced my demise. Don’t believe their retraction and apology!”

Last Comic Standing judge and fried chicken salesman Norm McDonald compared Donald Trump to Hitler. His exact words, from a long interview in The Hollywood Reporter :

They say humor is the ray of light that illuminates the evil or whatever, but I was reading that in Germany and Hitler times, everybody was making fun of Hitler. Every cartoon was against Hitler, there were comedy troupes doing sketches about Hitler being an idiot with a stupid mustache and what a stupid little idiot he was. So anyway, there goes that theory about the power of comedy. It doesn’t work at all. That’s seriously how I feel about Trump.

(Stephen Colbert, on the other hand, compared him — or at least his media footprint — to Oreos.) Apparently Trump, like all creatures of whimsy, can be whatever you want him to be.

Speaking of political figures made whimsical by the internet, the Instagram account @Putininspiration is turning photos Russia’s enigmatic and terrifying leader into motivational posters that will hopefully keep you encouraged and/or terrify you into action.