Watch: A Dysfunctional Family Unleashes the Anti-Santa in ‘Krampus’ Trailer


Every year, the holiday season seems to be punctuated by more and more chaos — Black Friday tramplings seem more common than random acts of kindness these days. In keeping with that 21st century holiday spirit, the most Christmasy movie of 2015 will be Krampus, a “horror-comedy” about a legendary goat demon terrorizing an insolent family gathered for the holidays.

Krampus, who the film describes as “the shadow of St. Nicholas,” does actually come from ancient Germanic lore, and was later folded into regional Christmas traditions. The short version: Krampus takes Santa’s naughty list and drags the bad children to hell. He’s also become a subject of cultural infatuation in recent years, hence the movie.

The film, which stars Toni Collette and Adam Scott, tells the tale of a dysfunctional family who’s come together to celebrate Christmas, despite not liking each other. Their bad behavior prompts an isolating blizzard and a visit from everyone’s favorite holiday ruiner.

With the rare, well-placed use of an Andy Williams Christmas song, this trailer will make all your inner demons cackle.

Krampus hits theaters December 4.

[Via Wired]